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Senin, 06 Mei 2019

Why Do Pregnant Women Often Have Swollen Eyes?

Why Do Pregnant Women Often Have Swollen Eyes?

Why Do Pregnant Women Often Have Swollen Eyes? - Swelling around the eyes or medical term "periorbital swelling" is often caused by an accumulation of fluid in the tissues around the eye, called orbital. Minor swelling is usually seen only in the lower part of the eye, although in some cases it can also be seen around the eyes.

The eyes or periorbital tissues are the areas most obviously swollen upon awakening, perhaps because of gravity when your body is lying down for the fluid to accumulate back into the tissues.

Here are some of the causes of swollen eyes in pregnant women.

  • Retention or retention of fluids. As the baby's weight increases, the blood vessels in the abdomen and legs are also pressurized, so that body fluid is retained in certain areas, for example in the eye or body area. As a result, swelling occurs on the eyes and the area of ​​the facial skin, as well as in other related areas of the body.
  • Lack of sleep. Panda eyes aka black circles around the eyes and swelling of the eyes is the appearance of pregnant women in general, especially in the third trimester. Indeed, pregnant women often have difficulty sleeping well at night, especially when it is difficult to find a comfortable position. Ultimately, fatigue and poor circulation can result in dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  • Too much salt. This can promote water retention and may cause swelling of the eyes.

How to defeat swollen eyes

The ideal solution to overcome the swelling of the eyes is to sleep better. But for the immediate manipulation stage, Mother can do the following.

  • Compress the eyes with cold water. Wet the cloth with ice water and place it on the eyes for a few minutes. Cold temperatures contract the blood vessels to prevent fluid from circulating in the tissues around the eyes. In the end, it is effective in eliminating swelling.
  • Change your diet and lifestyle for the better. For example, by reducing salt intake or by favoring the consumption of vitamin-rich foods. You can also ask your doctor or midwife for advice on how your diet and lifestyle are recommended.
  • Increase the position of the head while you sleep. Use some pillows to support the head to prevent fluid buildup that swells the eyes due to gravity.
  • Cosmetic manipulation. If your swollen eye looks awkward, you can also use cosmetic makeup to hide it. Use eye creams or sera containing peptides and aloe vera (aloe vera). These ingredients will help moisturize the eye area and reduce swelling. In the meantime, to remove dark circles under the eyes, try using a lightening eye cream, even if the results are not immediately visible. Therefore, if you want to immediately remove the panda before the party invitation, also apply a concealer specifically designed for the eye area.

Swollen eyes usually appear as a slight disturbance of appearance for a while, but if the swelling that occurs is severe and prolonged even if you have followed the steps above, consult your doctor so to anticipate the possible signs of a serious illness.

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