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Senin, 06 Mei 2019

Tips for Using Eye Makeup Safely Without Irritation

Tips for Using Eye Makeup Safely Without Irritation

Tips for Using Eye Makeup Safely Without Irritation - Eye makeup is one of the makeup equipment that can be contaminated by bacteria. This may later cause eye irritation. For that, let's see some tips for using eye makeup safely.

How to use eye makeup safely

You can use some of the following methods to use eye makeup without causing irritation:

1. Pay attention to the expiration date

The important thing to note when using eye makeup is the expiration date. The mascara can usually be used only 2 to 4 months after opening. While the eyeliner is generally only suitable for at least 3 months, especially the eyeliner in liquid or gel form.

2. Avoid sharing the use with other people

The proximity of someone might not make you hesitate to make up your eyes. However, this can increase the risk of transferring germs from other people. Similarly, when trying to make up your eyes at the store, be sure to use a disposable applicator.

3. wash your hands before using makeup

It is not only necessary to wash one's hands before eating, but also before putting on makeup. Washing your hands before putting on your makeup is helpful in preventing the transfer of bacteria from the hand.
In addition, do not forget to regularly clean your brush for your eyes.

4. Clean in the right direction

Cleaning the eyes properly is helpful in reducing the risk of eye irritation. To make your eyes look good, you need to use a cotton pad soaked in make-up remover to eliminate eye makeup that is difficult to clean, such as eyeliner and mascara.

Another way to clean the mascara is to press the lashes for 5 to 10 seconds with cotton soaked in makeup remover. When cleaning eye makeup, do not rub your eyes as this may cause eye irritation and lashing.

Come on, start using eye makeup safely, so you do not get upset. If you experience problems or visual disturbances after using makeup, do not hesitate to consult a doctor so that the appropriate treatment can be given.

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