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Selasa, 07 Mei 2019

Don't Use It, Make Up Products Have an Expiration Period

Don't Use It, Make Up Products Have an Expiration Period

Don't Use It, Make Up Products Have an Expiration Period - A skin specialist has confirmed that almost all makeup products are stabilized and maintain a certain duration. If its life is exceeded, it will present a color change or will not be optimal when it is used. The worst is can cause an infection.

Make Up Products Have an Expiration Period

Unfortunately, there are not many products that list the shelf life or expiration. Here is a general guide on the life and expiration of make-up products:

1. Powder, blush and eyeshadow

Powder is generally safe for up to 2 years unless there is a change in color or odor. Similarly, blush and powder eyeshadow have a shelf life of 1-2 years. This is because the makeup powder contains very little water and the bacteria are difficult to develop.

However, powdered makeup products containing natural ingredients, such as aloe vera or jojoba, have a slightly different shelf life. This product has exceeded its life, when it seems difficult to mix with the skin or more easily break.

In addition, pay attention to the cleanliness of the brush or sponge to sprinkle the powder on the face because it may contain harmful bacteria.

2. Foundation

Liquid foundation products that are stored properly can be used for up to one year. For people who are sensitive or prone to acne, you should avoid inserting a finger into a bottle. It is recommended to use a brush or sponge.

The foundation that is not maximal is used, it will look thicker and uneven when used on the skin. There are several types of bacteria that trigger infections that are commonly found in foundation products that are several months old. These bacteria are also at risk for the health of the skin.

3. Lipstick, lip gloss and lip pencil

For lipstick and lip gloss or lip balm, the shelf life is usually around two years. Meanwhile, the lip protectors can be used for more than two years. Due to the shape of a pencil, this product can be shrunk to replace the surface.

If it has exceeded its life, the product for the lips will appear dry. Long-lasting lipstick products may be shorter than normal lipstick.

Replace your lip product immediately if you notice a change in color, smell, or if you seem to be growing mushrooms. For longer life, avoid sharing the use with others.

4. Mascara and liquid eyeliner

Liquid mascara and eyeliner have a short shelf life, about 3-4 months. Because every time you use, there is a risk that bacteria enter the packaging.

One expert stated that preservatives in these products did not last long. If you have reached the end of your life, the mascara and eyeliner will be sticky, the feathers on the package will appear together and will no longer produce maximum makeup. Eyeliner pencils have a longer life, especially if the ends of the surface are often cleaned and creased

To optimize mascara and liquid eyeliner, gently pull and twist the handle, avoiding movements such as pumping (entering and exiting) on ​​the handle before using it.

5. Nail polish

Generally, the life span of a nail polish is about one to two years. Avoid storing nail polish in the bathroom as the formula is sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity.

When nail polish has entered the groove period, it can be recognized by texture changes. Makeup products for expired nails can spread bacterial and fungal infections.

6. Hair products

Hair products such as shampoos and conditioners or hair creams can be used for about a year. Be sure to close the packaging properly each time you use it. This is done to prevent water or air that could damage the formula of the product.

The alcohol content, widely used as a preservative, makes it more durable than other products. Replace this hair product immediately if it has an unusual or strange smell when using it.

Protect yourself from makeup products, expiration and risks to your skin. Pay attention to the service life carefully. Also avoid lending cosmetics. Consult a dermatologist if there are changes to the skin or other problems.
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