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Sabtu, 11 Mei 2019

I Stink Armpits, What to do?

I Stink Armpits, What to do?

I stink armpits, what to do? - Sweating is a perfectly normal phenomenon that allows the body to regulate its temperature. But when it becomes excessive and in addition, nauseating odors are associated, it is necessarily problematic. Do not panic, follow our solutions to fix it.

When one stinks underarms, the first thing to do is to have impeccable hygiene. At each shower, rub well and dry completely to leave no moisture. Indeed, it may cause fungal infections.

Remember to get wipes to refresh yourself as soon as you feel the need. In the same way, always have deodorant on you.

What about your hair removal? If you tend to delay the time for hair removal, do not be surprised at stubborn armpits. Indeed, the hairs are likely to promote the proliferation of bacteria and cause fungal infections.

So, to your razors, wax strips, depilatory creams ... What you want but eliminate these hairs!

Grandma's tricks

If you want a natural remedy to get rid of armpit odors, mix vinegar with 90 ° alcohol and apply to the affected area.

You can also put baking soda associated with a few drops of lemon using a cotton pad. Guaranteed effect!

Finally, talc sucks moisture and, therefore, will prevent perspiration. Feel free to pat your armpits with after bathing.

1. Food side

Pull a line on onions, garlic, alcohol, coffee and spicy dishes that tend to promote odors. Instead, focus on fruits and vegetables, steamed meat and fish.

2. Clothing side

You have probably noticed that there are clothes in which you stink more than others. No, it's not a legend, some materials and colors make you sweat more.

Avoid at all costs the tight tops that prevent the skin from breathing, the synthetic materials and the black that captures the heat, although it makes us look thinner!

3. Treatment side

If despite these tricks, your armpits still smell so bad, we will have to bet on a more consistent treatment, which will act on the very origin of perspiration. The best known of them is EtiaXil, available without prescription in pharmacy and drugstore.

Unlike deodorants that only mask odors, EtiaXil blocks perspiration. Obviously, it is not good to fight against a natural physiological mechanism so the treatment should not last too long.
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