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Selasa, 07 Mei 2019

Cosmetic Products that are Safe to Use While Pregnant

Cosmetic Products that are Safe to Use While Pregnant

Cosmetic products that are safe to use while pregnant - The skin can absorb about 60% of applied cosmetic ingredients. It is therefore important to recognize the ingredients of the product. Even products labeled "natural" or "organic" may also contain ingredients that are harmful to the fetus.

Recognize the materials to avoid

If previously pregnant women were still unaware of the information on the contents of cosmetics, get in the habit of reading them! The product content list is usually sorted from the most active to the most active.

Parabens are one of the most common ingredients in cosmetics. The content commonly used as a cosmetic preservative is suspected to be related to the developmental, reproductive, nervous system and immune system disorders of the baby. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women choose paraben-free cosmetic products (paraben free) to enhance safety.

In addition to parabens, here are some of the cosmetic ingredients that pregnant women must avoid, depending on the types of products commonly used:

1. Foundation

Beware of foundations that contain paraben preservatives, retinol and fragrances. The three ingredients may affect the baby's condition in the uterus. Instead, use a tinted moisturizer to mask pigmentation or spots on the face.

2. Lipstick

Preservatives of phenoxyethanol and benzyl benzoate found in lipstick can irritate pregnant women with sensitive skin. In addition, some lipsticks contain artificial dyes containing lead. Although the lead content of cosmetics is generally very low, exposure to lead is known to cause hormonal and nervous disorders.

Therefore, to use lipstick, the coloring is made from fruit pigments. For lips to look fresh, pregnant women can also use a lip balm. Choose a lip balm made from natural ingredients, such as mint to help reduce nausea during pregnancy or sunflower oil to prevent chapped lips.

3. Mascara

The material to watch for in mascara is diazolidinylurea. The antimicrobial preservatives contained in this mascara can release harmful formaldehyde compounds for pregnant women. To be safer, pregnant women who often suffer from itching and eye irritation when wearing mascara, it is recommended to use a product labeled hypoallergenic.

4. Nail polish

Always remember that pregnant women only paint nails in open spaces, so that the fumes of chemicals in nail polish are not very inhaled. In addition, avoid using nail polishes containing phthalate and formaldehyde as preservatives as they can cause cancer. Phthalate is also likely to cause a disability in the reproductive system of a male baby.

5. Solar cream

Avoid using sunscreen products containing oxybenzone because this material is more easily absorbed through the skin, so it is possible to get into breast milk. Pregnant women are also advised to avoid sun protection products containing avobenzone, as they may interfere with the functioning of the hormone progesterone. Pregnant women may choose sunscreens containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are still considered safe for pregnant women.

 6. Acne medications

Be careful using acne medications during pregnancy. Drugs containing tetracycline antibiotics or vitamin A derivatives, such as isotretinoin and tretinoin, are likely to harm the fetus. Before using an acne medication, pregnant women should consult a dermatologist or obstetrician. The acne medications that doctors can recommend to pregnant women are medicines containing azelaic acid, erythromycin or clindamycin.

7. Anti-aging product

If pregnant women want to use a wrinkle cream, it is best to consult a doctor first. Many anti-aging creams containing retinol. If excessive, retinol can lead to miscarriage and birth defects. This material can be found on lipsticks and foundation, especially those labeled anti-aging.

Come on, pregnant woman, from now on, check the list of cosmetic products that will be used. If products are likely to affect the health of pregnant women and the fetus, stop using them immediately. For greater certainty, pregnant women can consult a doctor about the safety of the cosmetic products they use.

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