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Selasa, 07 Mei 2019

Cold Air triggers Lung Cancer, Really?

Cold Air triggers Lung Cancer, Really?

Cold Air triggers Lung Cancer, Really? - The rainy season can reduce the body's resistance, making it more vulnerable to disease. The cold air caused did not seem to help alleviate it either. In addition to being susceptible to diseases such as flu and fever, cold air is often considered one of the triggers for lung cancer. Come on, see the information below!

Is it true that cold air triggers lung cancer?

According to a study conducted in the United States, cold air in the rainy season can have a considerable influence on health and lungs. Cold air can irritate the airways in people with asthma, COPD and bronchitis, often causing shortness of breath, coughing, and shortness of breath.

According to the American Lung Association in Chicago, cold air is actually dry air and can be dangerous, especially for people with lung disease. However, people who do not suffer from lung disease may also be negatively affected.

An animal study found that cold air increases the risk of cancer. According to Kathleen Kokolus, cancer cells can grow and develop in the body of mice. The researcher did an experiment by placing mice in two different places, at a temperature of 22 ° C and a temperature of 30 ° C. The researchers discovered several types of cancer, namely pancreatic cancer, bowel and several other cancers.

The anti-cancer immune system of our body is controlled by T cells. Meanwhile, T cells work more efficiently in hot weather. In the study, the bodies of cold mice were more susceptible to cancer and tumors than the hot bodies of rats.


Therefore, it is good that we always continue to stay healthy, especially during the rainy season and in cold weather. There are several ways to prevent a decrease in the body's immune power, namely:

  • Look at the weather. If you are not physically fit, avoid going out in too cold or windy weather, especially with inadequate clothing. Stay in a house or a warm room, so it is not easy to get sick. In addition, if the air feels an unpleasant effect on your body, it may be that the air quality is really bad. Cold air can pollute more easily. Therefore, avoid dwelling outside if this is the case.
  • Use warm clothes. In addition, a layer of warm clothing is also a means of protecting the body against the penetration of harmful substances in the cold air.
  • Breathe using your nose. This can help cope with the cold, because breathing through the nose can warm up your breathing before being swept into the lungs.
  • Avoid exercising outdoors if the air is cold.
  • Consumption of hot and healthy foods and drinks.
  • If you have lung cancer, consult a doctor to help you cope with cold weather conditions. Always take and take the necessary medications, just in case of an emergency. Cold air can aggravate the condition of the lungs, so that often the disease will recur. Tell your doctor if the medications are not functioning properly or have no significant effect.

This is the explanation of cold air triggering lung cancer. Keep your body warm so that bodily functions go well. Can be useful!
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