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Senin, 06 Mei 2019

Bad Habits That Can Damage Facial Skin

Bad Habits That Can Damage Facial Skin

Bad Habits That Can Damage Facial Skin - Pollution, free radicals and exposure to ultraviolet light are widely known to damage our skin. However, skin damage is not only caused by environmental factors. We have unconsciously some bad habits that can damage the skin of our face.

These bad habits can damage the skin

Bad habits that can damage the skin are not always related to the lazy habits of cleaning or treating facial skin. The incorrect choice of a treatment product or the wrong treatment of the skin can also cause problems. Here are some habits that can damage the skin of our face.

1. Use cosmetics with excessive alcohol content

From now on, choose cosmetics with ingredients adapted to your skin type. For dry or sensitive skin, avoid products containing alcohol, perfumes, retinoids or alpha-hydroxy acid. These substances will make your skin more dry and even irritating.

Products containing cetearyl alcohol are still allowed. Cetearyl alcohol has a chemical structure different from that of ordinary alcohol. This type of alcohol can actually moisturize and not irritate the skin.

2. Sleeping with makeup is always glued to the face

Sleep without cleaning makeup to make dirt and the rest of the makeup accumulate on the face. As a result, the pores of the skin become clogged to appear pimples. So, do not forget to always clean the cosmetic products that stick to your skin before going to bed.

3. Stacking bacteria in brushes and sponges

Cosmetic brushes or sponges that are not cleaned regularly can be a gathering place for bacteria, causing infection of the facial skin when used.
To avoid this infection, clean the brush or sponge weekly with warm water and mild soap.

4. Use excessive skin scrub

Another bad habit that can damage your skin is using excessively scrubs. If you clean your face too often with a scrub, the skin may lose natural oil and be irritated.

The facial scrub is enough to do once or twice a week, and you should avoid using scrubs if the skin is dry or irritated.

5. Bath too long

Whenever possible, avoid prolonged bathing habits as they may damage the skin. Just take a shower for 5-10 minutes. When bathing or cleaning your face, you should use lukewarm or cold water. Taking a bath too long or too often taking a hot shower can actually damage the skin of the face.

In addition to the above, smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages that are often stressed, snacking on treats, and lack of sleep can also make your skin look dull and aging.

Bad habits that can damage facial skin, what habits do you often have? Go away now from these habits to preserve the beauty and health of your skin.

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