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Sabtu, 11 Mei 2019

8 Tips for not Feeling Under the Armpits

8 Tips for not Feeling Under the Armpits

8 Tips for not feeling under the armpits - Food greatly influences bad odors in the armpits. Replace some strong foods like garlic, coffee or alcohol with fruits and vegetables.

The first thing to know is that the bad smell under the armpits rarely comes from poor hygiene. It often occurs because of glandular or hormonal factors. This smell is very annoying and unpleasant for both the person concerned and those around him.

Yet, what must be remembered is that this bad smell can be treated naturally. Thus, you can perform a daily treatment to gradually reduce your perspiration or even stop doing some things that can trigger this bad smell.

Tips for not feeling under the armpits

For this, we will make some recommendations in this article to avoid this predicament.

1. Wash armpits well

This is more than logical although it is quite possible that you wash very well and feel bad anyway. So rub your armpits with soap. There are soaps that smell very strong and that, instead of making you smell good, make you sweat faster and generate that bad smell. Try to get a neutral soap.

2. Make sure there are no residues

It is important to wash your armpits and be sure that there are no deodorant residues from the previous day or soap, as this can cause fungal infections or bacteria.

You can use a natural remedy after the shower to keep your armpits clean and odor free: mix vinegar with alcohol and apply with a cloth to give a better effect. You can also do it in the evening.

3. Use bicarbonate

Bicarbonate is often used to reduce odors. Wash your armpits as soon as you smell bad, apply a little baking powder with a cotton pad. You do not need to remove it! If it does not bother you, leave it alone.

Another effective tip is to mix a spoonful of bicarbonate with the juice of a lemon and apply this mixture after the shower. Their effects against bad odors are well known.

4. If the smell is due to excessive sweating

The bad smell can be due to different factors, such as excessive sweating. Prepare an infusion with thyme and rosemary, and apply it on the armpits. This helps control hyperhidrosis - chronic sweating - which affects personal relationships and daily activities.

Aloe vera also controls excessive sweating. Just apply a little gel on your armpits in the evening for a better effect. This neutralizes the bad smell. The tomato can also help you reduce sweat: put tomato juice on the armpits and leave on for a few minutes.

5. How to choose your clothes?

You surely did not know that there are fabrics or colors that can make you sweat and cause a bad smell. For example, if you have a history of bad odor, avoid wearing too tight clothing that will prevent your skin from breathing.

Do not wear synthetic clothing, but which is made from natural material. Similarly, colors are also an important factor. Black, for example, even if it looks thinner, can make you sweat more than normal.

6. Feed yourself well

Even if it is a factor that we do not take much into account, the diet is also linked to bad odors under the armpits. For example, if you eat a lot of onions, garlic, coffee and alcoholic beverages, the smell of your underarms will be much stronger.

On the other hand, if you consume more fruits or vegetables, the bad smell will diminish. The cigarette also: it destroys the skin and encourages the body to produce bad smells.

7. Shave your armpits

Underarm hair is not only unsightly, it can also cause bad odor. If you do not shave, fungus and bacteria can settle and feel.

8. Use an antiperspirant instead of a deodorant

It appears that deodorants only cover the smell of the skin but do not fight excessive sweating. On the contrary, the antiperspirant controls excess sweat and bad odors.
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