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Selasa, 16 April 2019

10 Tips for Cutting Onions Without Tears

10 Tips for Cutting Onions Without Tears

10 tips for cutting onions without tears - You've probably heard dozens of old women's stories and pseudo-scientific tips for cutting onions without tears. Two of the ridiculous ones hold burning matches in your mouth while you chop, a burned-down risk, and chew on a raw onion, which simply adds more onion close to your mucous membranes. Most of these original ideas are just not very effective, but we have five tips that are.

Cutting an onion causes a series of chemical reactions that release propanethial S-oxide, an irritant that causes tears in the eyes. If you want to avoid tears, you need to cut in order to produce less irritant and to prevent the irritant from reaching your eyes.

Here are our 10 favorite ways to stop waterworks:

1. Cut the onion into the water

The first tip you can try is to cut the shallots in water. This method will prevent the spread of sulfur compounds in the eyes. You should also be careful when cutting the onion so that the knife does not slip or hurt your finger.

2. Use a sharp knife. 

A sharp knife will less damage the cell walls and release less irritants.

3. Keep exposed cups away from you

As soon as you cut an onion in half, lower both halves on your cutting board. Leave the side you are not cutting unpeeled. Once you're done with one half, place the diced onion in a dressing bowl and place it on the opposite side of the kitchen before moving to the rest of the onion.

4. Cut the onion properly

Chefs have an effective way of cutting diced onions, which helps to keep the apparent cuts against the tray at best. This video of Chow will guide you through the process.

5. Cool the onions 

With a cold onion, less propanethial S-oxide will evaporate. You will always have irritants, but it will help you. Remember - refrigerate, do not freeze. Frozen raw onions are often soft when defrosted.

6. Operate the ventilation hood

Place your cutting board next to the stove and turn on the exhaust fan. Irritants will be removed from you and from your eyes.

7. freeze the onion

The second is to keep the shallots in the freezer for a moment before cutting them. According to Harold McGe's book On Food and Cooking, Cooling onions before cutting them can slow down the chemical reaction released when cutting onions to minimize eye pain.

8. Do not cut the root

According to the National Onion Association, leaving the root portion of the uninterrupted onion can neutralize the sulfur compound on the onion. The end of the red onion root contains a large amount of sulfur compounds, which will cause a painful effect if the ends are cut.

9. Biting certain objects

Although it sounds silly, in fact, some things like match and bread seem to help reduce the pain when peeling onions. This method will make the sulfur compounds contained in red onions absorbed with bitten objects.

10. Turn on the fan

The last method found to be effective in avoiding sore eyes when cutting an onion is to turn on the fan. The air blowing through the blower can move the eyes away from sulfur compounds.
The trick, by simply lighting the fan, then point to the cutting board. Guaranteed, your eyes will be free of pain and irritation.

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