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Senin, 11 Maret 2019

Why is it crucial to have a business blog?

Why is it crucial to have a business blog?

In recent years, the creation of blogs has returned to fashion at the companies. So you wonder if it's really worth following the trend? And you're right: it's better to evaluate the benefits of a blog before going blind! That said, one thing is certain: creating a blog is a great addition to your website. This can only be beneficial to you! It would be almost indispensable for all companies.

Do not have a site yet? A presence on the web is not an option, if you read this article article without having a website then stop your reading and go for a website! Do not hesitate to inquire in more detail to create a website to avoid making mistakes. That's it? Do you have your website up to date? So let's go! We explain the importance of a blog for your business!

In terms of visibility
An optimization of your SEO
Linking a blog to your business site is an advantage in terms of SEO / natural SEO. You will post content regularly which will be shared and visited. A living site, that is to say, regularly updated, is much better referenced by Google than a passive site. However, the two being linked, a dynamic blog will live your site in turn.

Also, because of your content, you will have more opportunities to position yourself on your keywords and thus gain positions and visibility on the pages of Google search results.

Not to mention that it is easier and more effective to share the content of a blog than to share the content of a website. Because a blog offers content and themes around the business and the business sector of the company, while a site offers only the services and products of the company. But if a user does not need the services of the company, he will not click on the link. On the other hand, he may be interested in certain themes around your sector of activity and will click on a link leading to content on the subject and therefore to you.

An enlargement of your target
Propose the content of your blog to users who are not particularly interested - for the moment - in the services and / or products you offer is a great opportunity to expand your target. With your blog, you would not only target people who might like your services but also people who can appreciate and be interested in your industry. Exit that they are transformed one day into customers. You do not go looking for your prospects, they are attracted to you; it's called inbound marketing!

Maintain a relationship with your customers
Having a blog can also create interaction and the interaction can maintain your customer relationships.

Humanising your business
By creating interaction you are humanizing your business. Creating a blog will detach you from the purely commercial image that a website has. Indeed, when we publish content on a blog, the tone is not the same as on our site. At least not quite. He is more human and less commercial in appearance. The company seems less cold, more accessible and closer to its customers.

Keeping in touch with your customers
Besides, a blog allows to keep and maintain the contact between a company and its customers. You can keep them up-to-date with what's happening and what's happening in your industry, talk about your products, the benefits you offer in a non-commercial way. With a blog you bring information, opinions and solutions as an expert in your field. A blog presents another plus: it allows you to animate your social networks by relaying its content.

Offering a more complete customer service
In addition to bringing all this, you are mainly providing help and support to your customers. That a Web builder creates a blog linked to his site is a real support for his customers. He will publish information that will complete his service. For example: "How to boost the traffic of a website?" By publishing this content, it provides an additional help service to its customers.

You create a reputation
By becoming a reference in your sector of activity. A blog is a good way to build your reputation and build your reputation over time and publications. By offering such a complete service thanks to your blog, you will quickly become a reference in your sector of activity. Especially if you optimize the visibility of your blog.

This status will create an excellent image of your product and / or services. Indeed, if Internet users consider you as a reference in your sector of activity, they will immediately consider your products and / or services as excellent quality. As a result, prospects who might have hesitated between you and your competitors, will not have any more to hesitate.

In short, creating a blog will allow you to:

  1. Gain visibility thanks to SEO
  2. Consolidate your relationships with your customers
  3. To maintain this link
  4. To offer your customers a more complete service than ever
  5. Assert yourself as an expert in your field and gain the status of reference.

The little extra: what you need to know about creating a blog
As you know, these benefits only apply if certain conditions are met:

  1. Publish content as regularly as possible
  2. Submit quality content
  3. Be original and do not hesitate to vary your content
  4. Promote your blog on social networks.
  5. Be patient.

Nothing complicated! Convinced? Do not wait any longer, to create a blog now!
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