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Senin, 11 Maret 2019

Urban mobility: 5 good reasons why we have to switch to electric

Urban mobility: 5 good reasons why we have to switch to electric

Today, urban mobility is in full revolution with the arrival of new means of travel. You still hesitate to switch to electric mobility? We give you 5 good reasons to know!

1. Clean
worldwide-creative-commons-flaticonUnlike scooters, public transport or even cars, electric vehicles do not release pollutants or CO2 into the atmosphere. The electrical mobility is an important issue when the development of urban mobility cleaner addressing environmental issues of today and tomorrow.

2. Practice
The air of the electric has evolved well. Indeed, today vehicles and components are smaller, lighter, more efficient, improving their grip, their use and their practicality. You can find foldable electric bicycles as well as folding scooters to take with you anywhere in the office or in the trunk of your car. The batteries are also more powerful offering greater autonomy and faster charging time. Finally, thanks to urban developments and bike paths you will save time on your daily journeys!

3. Economic
flaticon corners creative commons Although the acquisition of an electric vehicle such as a bike, a scooter or a skateboard is quite expensive, it's a real investment! It should be known that for the electric mobility one counts on average 1.5 € with the 100km against more than 8 € for the vehicles with thermal engines like the cars or scooter. If you count your subscription to public transport or other use of self-service vehicle (scooter, scooter, bike) your purchase will be profitable in less than 2 years! Finally, thanks to advanced technology, electric vehicles have a very good durability, durability and require very little maintenance.

4. Pleasure
Driving an electric vehicle is a pleasure! You ride in silence, in harmony with your environment, without forcing. Regarding electric skateboards and electric scooters or even electric scooters are vehicles very pleasant to drive offering beautiful sensations.

5. Diversity of electrical modes of travel
Today it is THE king of electric mobility , the electric bicycle. We see more and more VAE on our roads and bike paths. At all ages and for all types of terrain this mode of travel is very accessible. Fat bike or cruiser type bikes are perfect for beach walks. With a big frame and big tires you can go everywhere and especially on the beach without effort! It is a very comfortable bike to be preferred for short to medium journeys.

The city bikes and electrically assisted road bikes have a more classic style and are adapted to urban travel. Lighter and more manageable, your daily journeys will take on a new dimension! A more comfortable and easy pedaling for faster courses! For a more sporty practice, there are also road bikes, mountain bikes and mountain bikes (MTB) electric. These all-terrain electric bikes allow you to go further, faster and push your limits!

The electric scooter
The electric scooter is more and more used in the city. No doubt it will be your best ally for your daily journeys. Light, fast, handy you can go on any type of terrain and take it everywhere with you whether at work. No more sweat on arrival, the scooter allows you to move effortlessly!

Urban mobility: 5 good reasons why we have to switch to electric

Electric skateboard
For winter sports fans, this is the new way to travel in fashion! No need to put your foot on the ground with your electric skate, you advance with a remote control. With suitable wheels, earth, sand or gravel, nothing will stop you. You will be able to find the sensations of glide, speed comparable to surfing or snowboarding.

Urban mobility: 5 good reasons why we have to switch to electric

Other means of urban electrical transportation
There are other electric mobility vehicles but they are less accessible in terms of price, technicality or use in the city such as Segway, known by the Segway brand, electric scooters, hoverboards, single wheels or even electric cars that are becoming more and more popular.
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