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Minggu, 31 Maret 2019

Often, Testing a Girlfriend Hurts Relationships

Often, Testing a Girlfriend Hurts Relationships

Often, testing a girlfriend hurts relationships - Anxiety, self-doubt, and not trusting your partner often haunt your mind. If you think about it all the time, it can lead you to do something that can solve these problems, such as testing it. However, is it healthy if you constantly test your boyfriend?

Testing friends is not good for relationships

Have you ever tested a boyfriend to see and discover his love? For example, deliberately buying a new number and claiming to invite knowledge to test their loyalty.

Once or twice, you may be able to satisfy your curiosity and concerns. However, if done too often, it can hurt the relationship, you know.

Someone usually thinks of testing his partner if he has doubts or if he is unsure of his partner. This method is mainly used as an alternative rather than being honest.

Because, being honest about their feelings and worries may not be easy for some people. Therefore, the solution is often to find answers by testing them according to different methods.

It's true, testing your boyfriend can provide answers to the worries you've been feeling all this time. However, this method can sometimes make the conflict even greater, which reinforces the feeling of self-doubt.

If the test results show that your boyfriend "is playing behind", this may be the answer to your concern.

But what happens if the opposite happens? The couple suddenly knows that you are testing it. Remember that not everyone can understand it, including your partner.

It is natural for couples to be angry and disappointed because they feel they are not trusted. If this happens, the couple has chosen to end the relationship.

Stop testing your friends, speak to them immediately

Brene Brown, a lecturer and researcher at the University of Houston, says that every time you think of testing a girlfriend, ask yourself what you do for it.

What do you really want to know? What do you expect from the test, be it a proof of love, commitment, lie or what?

Brown says that instead of testing it better, talk about your anxiety directly with him. It can be difficult to tell your anxiety in your partner. But that's how you want this relationship to continue smoothly.

Learn how to convey your feelings to your partner, even if it can be unpleasant.

By talking about it, at least your partner knows what he has to do to convince you. Do not forget to tell your partner what you expect from him to relieve this anxiety.

Do not test your boyfriend every time you feel unsafe. You could be addicted to doing it instead of talking about it.

Believe that communication is one of the best solutions for solving relationship problems. Although difficult, try talking to your partner.

Prepare a special moment to discuss this together, alone, without being disturbed by anyone or by any other agenda.
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