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Minggu, 24 Maret 2019

Is vasectomy safe for men?

Is vasectomy safe for men?

Is vasectomy safe for men? - Vasectomy is a type of contraception specifically designed for men. Indeed, this guy is not very popular because our society considers contraception as "the world of women". However, for those of you who include men who are reluctant to have children, it does not hurt to consider a vasectomy.

Then, what is a vasectomy? and what to think before trying this contraception? Discover the following explanation!

About the vasectomy

Apparently, vasectomy refers to a medical procedure in which the expert physician cuts the duct of the male vas deferens. As you know, the spermatozoa that were produced in the testes will then be stored in the epididymal sac. To go out, the sperm must first go through a channel of 40 cm, also called channel of the vas deferens. If this channel is cut, it is certain that the sperm will not go out.

What must be considered before trying a vasectomy

Do you want to have a vasectomy? Do not rush and consider some of these things first!

1. permanent

The first thing to consider before trying it is that this contraception is permanent. That is, after the vas deferens has been cut, it is difficult for you to return it to its original state, especially if you want to have more offspring. Indeed, there is now a medical procedure for reconnecting the vas deferens (called "vasovastotomy"). However, remember! In addition to requiring more time and money, the chances of successful vasovastotomy are not always 100%.

2. Involve surgical procedures

To cut the canal of the vas deferens, the doctor must perform a small surgery. Therefore, you should
anticipate mild pain and discomfort afterwards. In addition, it is also advisable for men who undergo a vasectomy not to engage in intense physical activity within 24 hours of the operation.

3. Does it affect libido?

Here is the most frequently asked question. Many men who are worried about vasectomy will reduce their sexual arousal. Really? Wrong. In fact, a vasectomy will not affect erectile ability, testosterone levels, libido, ejaculation or orgasm.

4. Is vasectomy effective?

Apparently, the success of vasectomy in prevention of conception is greater than 99%. Therefore, this method is recommended for men who really do not want to have offspring anymore.

5. Does not prevent PMS

One thing men and their partners need to keep in mind is that it does not necessarily require you to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as HIV and gonorrhea. Therefore, continue to avoid bad sexual habits, such as the habit of having sex with other people than your partner.

It was an explanation of a vasectomy and all things to consider before trying this contraceptive alternative. Remember! Always think carefully and discuss your decision in advance with your partner. I hope useful!
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