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Kamis, 14 Maret 2019

How to Lose Weight on The Buttocks: 10 Practical and Effective Ways

How to Lose Weight on The Buttocks

How to Lose Weight on The Buttocks: 10 Practical and Effective Ways - Naturally, women tend to over-store the extra pounds in the glutes, unlike the men who will instead store them in the stomach. Genetics, this problem pushes many women to want to lose weight buttocks.

Disappointing, its reserves are nevertheless intended to keep energy when the body needs it most. Sedentary, today you no longer need its reserves which are primarily considered an aesthetic embarrassment.

In this article I give you my secrets that clearly answer the question: how to lose weight?

Food side tips to lose weight on the buttocks

As with other goals such as losing weight on the hips or losing weight on the face, losing weight on the buttocks means forcing the body to tap into its energy reserves. The first ways to do this are to follow some nutritional rules.

1. Stop eating starchy foods in the evening

Starchy foods such as pasta, chickpeas or black rice are slow sugars. Once absorbed by the body, they turn into triglycerides to form reserves of fat in the cells. As soon as the body needs energy, these accumulated calories are burned.

Starchy foods produce half of the calories needed for the day. In general, the body needs 800 to 1000 calories at lunch and 500 to 800 at dinner. This means that if you have a hearty dinner and a slow diffusion of energy, the calories consumed will directly constitute the reserve, so it is not advisable to eat starchy foods at night.

To illustrate, a portion of boiled potatoes is between 75 and 121 calories. In 100 grams of potato, there are 15.8g of carbohydrates that will be released slowly to turn into triglycerides. The evening is, in general, made to sleep, this quantity of carbohydrates will then be stored and constituted fat at the level of the buttocks.

2. Reduce the consumption of dairy products

Most dairy products are high in fat with the exception of some light foods such as 0% cottage cheese. Butter, cream, whole milk and cheese all contain saturated fatty acids, which are bad fats.

These bad fats are deposited in clusters in the blood vessels and clog the passage of the blood, which causes coronary diseases, overweight and obesity. To avoid accumulating more fat in the buttocks, it would then reduce the consumption of dairy products.

To illustrate, 100 grams of butter equals 745 calories, or 25g would correspond to more than 186 calories, knowing that the total caloric requirements for a woman a day are between 1100 and 1600, eat butter has enough to fill the reserve at the level of buttocks.

You should also know that milk contains a sugar called lactose. This carbohydrate is also one of the sources of intolerance to dairy products. Hundred grams of whole milk or 0% cottage cheese contain almost 5g of lactose, so eating a dairy product is mixing fat and sugar.

3. Beat the bad fats against omega 3

Fats are essential for metabolism, but there are good and bad fats. The bad fats tend to accumulate in the body while the good ones are catalyzed for the functioning of the body.

Good omega 3 levels help fight high cholesterol levels and lower triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are large fat molecules that are stored in cells. By eliminating triglycerides, we fight against fat stocks.
Knowing that for women, buttocks are a reserve of fat, consuming omega3 then reduces this reserve on the condition that they are consumed sparingly.

How to barter bad fats against omega3?

The principle is simple, just replace the ingredients used in our kitchens by those that contain omega 3.

Take the example of the paleo diet that encourages the consumption of oilseeds such as almonds and nuts or opt for the consumption of oily fish such as oil sardines that are well known in the Mediterranean diet.

Good sources of omega3 are oily fish such as sardines, mackerel, anchovies, farmed salmon ...; linseed oil, rapeseed oil, virgin olive oil at first cold pressure ...; flax seeds, chia seeds

4. Eat more foods high in fiber, minerals and vitamins

Ban nutrient-poor foods such as prepared foods, sweets and sodas. Eat instead foods high in fiber, minerals and vitamins that are more beneficial to your figure.

The fibers eliminate fats. During intestinal absorption, fiber, carbohydrates and lipids compete, reducing energy intake by 5 to 10% and cholesterol by 10 to 15%.

Fibers also promote waste disposal. Thanks to them, fecal production increases and unabsorbed fats are eliminated with, so they facilitate the intestinal transit. But in addition, the fibers have a hunger suppressive effect.

They are full of water in the stomach and help to prolong the feeling of satiety, it is then an appetite suppressant par excellence. For a healthy adult woman, the daily fiber requirement is 25g. High fiber foods include vegetables and fruits in general, whole wheat, whole grains, nuts and legumes.

A diet richer in vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals boost the metabolism. For example, vitamin B12 increases the energy demand, fat reserves are then drawn and it facilitates weight loss.

As for choline, it boosts the body by speeding up the process to burn fat; to be effective, you need to consume 425mg / day. Among the foods rich in choline, you will also find the egg and its many benefits.

As for vitamin C, it is famous for losing weight; an intake of 1000mg / day revitalizes the metabolism and helps fight the oxidative stress responsible for certain cancers. Find my article on foods rich in vitamin C.

Otherwise a sufficient daily intake of magnesium contributes to the production of energy, burning fat, muscle contraction and the conduction of nerve impulses. In short, during a food restriction to reduce the buttocks, do not overlook vitamins and minerals.

5. Do not skip meals

In a dietary restriction plan, to reduce the intake of calories, we tend to skip meals, it's a mistake!
The energy needs are to be distributed during the day, by skipping a meal, the body reacts as if it were going away for a long time, in return, it stores the fat to be able to burn the days of lack. The body therefore has a reflex of compensation by storing more fat at the meal that succeeds a deprivation.

So instead of burning calories, a skipped meal is equivalent to a supply of bailed fat and for women, the buttocks are the best place to store.

How to lose weight with sport?

If diet helps 50% in weight loss, know that sport occupies the other part.
From simple aerobics to bodybuilding, we now know that sports increase energy expenditure and thus helps to lose fat and cellulite.

To target the melting of fat on the buttocks, it will be necessary to focus on movements that in addition to causing high energy expenditure will also be able to locate the effort on the desired area.
I present you several activities that can help you to strengthen, strengthen and burn the fat that covers your glutes.

6. The fitness jumping

To sum up, it is to play sport while having fun on a trampoline. There is no age to have fun and the best is that it sculpts the buttocks! The jumping fitness is exercised on a trampoline 135 cm in diameter with cross bars. It is realized like the step but instead one jumps on the trampoline.

The figures produced are defined by a sports coach who supervises the exercises so as not to overlook the warm-ups and stretches; but also so that jumping on the trampolines is not boring. A fitness jumping session lasts 40 minutes.

Since sheathing is required when performing the exercises, the fitness jumping solicits the 3 gluteal muscles and the abdominals. It also helps burn calories and let off steam.

7. Effective exercise: squats

Squats are simple to perform and short-lived. Just stand in a half-sitting position, your back straight but leaning forward and contract the abdominals, then bring your back back and always contracting the back.

During this time, the arms are stretched at the level of the shoulders, then brought back along the body. At the beginning as at the end of the exercise the person is standing. To properly perform the exercises, it is necessary that the feet touch the ground with the toes turning to the outside and the legs a little apart.

The gluteal squats target the 3 gluteal muscles which are the small, medium and big glutes. The most suitable squat form is then the squat jump. The squat jump is a squat on which you finish the exercise by jumping vertically.

The starting position is standing with the hands following the body, then the arm is stretched and squat and finally on the feet jump straight up to the vertical with the hands along the body. The exercise must be performed 8 times with 10 seconds of recovery between 2 squats jump.

8. The skipping rope

There are programs to strengthen the buttocks. The skipping rope has the advantage of keeping the muscles in length and not sculpting them in volume.

The best way to jump rope is to jump with a rope 2 times in a row for each foot and for 3 minutes, while holding your body straight and tummy. This exercise drains the body and irrigates the blood, it is also necessary to lose cellulite. To do the job well, you have to keep up the pace.

The skipping rope is a practical exercise that can be done everywhere, I myself have customers who use it for sports in the office.

9. The cardio equipment of your gym

The cardio machines of sports halls are also good tools to lose weight buttocks. But still, what should be known?

To lose weight, the favorite machines are a cardio machine that simulates stair climbing, an elliptical trainer, incline treadmill and a bike. These devices not only strengthen the heart, improve endurance but also curve the buttocks. With the elliptical bike, for example, in a 30 minute session, it is possible to burn 270 to 400 calories.

For the cardio machine that simulates the climbing of stairs, the exercises to do are 2 minutes of rapid rise with a minute of pause to achieve 5 times. The starting warm-up is 2 minutes. While for the inclined belt, it would run 20 minutes with a constant speed of 7km / h but the inclinations vary.

In the beginning, take an incline of 3 to 3.5% for 5 minutes, then 8 to 10% for 2 minutes, then a minute with an incline 4 to 6%, then 2 minutes to 10%, then a minute to 5 to 7%, then 2 minutes to 12%, another 10%, another 12% and finally the last 5 minutes between 2 and 4%.

As for the bike, it should be 30 seconds sitting with low resistance then 30 seconds standing with a strong resistance and all for 20 minutes.

10. Sports walking

Sports walking, practiced every day for 30 to 45 minutes, has the benefit of losing weight, about 5kg per year. Sports walking stimulates the production of norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is a hormone that activates the destocking of fat cells to be burned.

By doing sports walking so, it boosts the metabolism and burns more fat in reserve. In short the adipocytes of the buttocks are released, then transformed into energy and the buttocks lose fat mass.

In addition, the sports walk also reduces the small round of the stomach by eliminating gas, bloating and promoting transit. A flatter belly allows to highlight the buttocks and sculpts the silhouette better.

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