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Kamis, 14 Maret 2019

Easily Slim Down During the Summer in 3 Effective and Irreparable Tips

Easily Slim Down During the Summer in 3 Effective and Irreparable Tips

Easily Slim Down During the Summer in 3 Effective and Irreparable Tips - Summer is so fast that you may not have had the time to anticipate it by losing the few extra pounds accumulated during the winter?

You may have already seen on the web some tips that you must follow to slim down before the summer but we are already there. How to do ?

I'm here to tell you that it's never too late to pick you up! And if you think that before the summer is the only good time to lose weight, think again!

Summer is a real source of motivation!

Summer is actually the best time to easily lose weight. First, summer heats tend to cut ogres' appetites you can experience during the winter. Rather than throw yourself on a good raclette, you will rather succumb to the freshness of a good salad fresh and healthy for your health!

Secondly, summer is a season that lends itself to more undressed than in winter, and the dress codes of this season want to make sure that you expose more body voting areas to everyone's eyes. Whether it's a dress, a skirt or a bikini, you want in any case you feel enhanced by wearing them, you want to feel at the top!

This simple desire must be enough to give you the motivation to take control of your life.

As such, the answer to the right question is: What are the ways you can lose weight effectively during the summer?

Tips Number 1: Eat healthy while having fun!

As a coach, I often tell my clients, eat well but good! By that, I want to avoid healthy dishes but devoid of taste. Following a dietary diet, but without pleasure, can become boring, boring and ultimately disgusting. In this case, you will not hold your good resolutions long and you will fail.

To avoid this kind of error, promote healthy cooking while playing on flavors. Rather than adding fat or sweet products to give more flavor, use more spices, herbs and side dessert favor the natural sugar of the fruits.

A balanced diet can easily rhyme with pleasure but what should your meals include?

Good fats!

They contain mono or polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega 9 and omega 3. These fats help to lower your bad cholesterol by increasing the good known as HDL cholesterol. More surprisingly, omega 3 fatty acids can improve your insulin sensitivity. This implies that your body is better at mobilizing fat for burning.

Some examples of foods and supplements rich in omega 3:

  • Oily fish: salmon, mackerel, sardines ...
  • Krill oil supplement: Learn more about the virtues of krill oil.
  • Nut oil
  • Flaxseed oil: Learn more about flaxseed oil and its benefits.
  • Almonds and nuts

Vegetable or animal proteins

Proteins are the constituents of most of your tissues such as skin, hair, muscles and tendons. A good protein intake will allow your body to keep enough muscle mass. Spend calories to survive, your muscles will then be real machines to spend calories.

Good sources of protein:

  • White and lean meats
  • The fish
  • Legumes such as lentils and chickpeas, for example

Good carbs to keep your days without getting fat

Carbohydrates are an essential source of energy for the body to function but to bring too much and bad sources can quickly make you store fat. I advise you to choose sources of complex carbohydrates or at least carbohydrates with a low or moderate glycemic index.

These will have the advantage of not boosting your blood sugar. For once, it will be useful energy that will not make you take a gram.

Among the good carbohydrates you will find for example:

  • Sweet potato
  • Complete pasta
  • Basmati rice
  • Fresh fruits with skin

Finally, the most important thing to lose weight in the summer and all year long is to spend more calories than you absorb. For this you need to know what is your caloric threshold for burning fat.

Tips Number 2: Spend more calories with good physical activity!

I do not teach you anything by telling you that practicing a sport increases your caloric expenditure. Nevertheless, depending on the physical activity practiced, short-term and long-term results will be different.

The first instinct to lose weight through physical activity is often to turn to cardio. I am talking about aerobic activities. These increase the heart rate during the effort by causing a high consumption of oxygen.

Practiced more than 45 minutes, this type of activity will involve a high energy expenditure. An hour of running will for example allow to spend between 500 and 700 Kcal for a running speed ranging from 8 km / h to 10 km / h.

You must also think that cardio is the best way to quickly lose weight? What is it?

If we take the example of running, it is true that at time T caloric consumption will allow to spend enough calories for a party to be burned as fats. If you run 3 times a week over 45 minutes and you pay attention to what you put on your plate, it is sure that you will lose weight.

But it only works for the first month or months. As for reducing the calories absorbed, the body will get used to this new activity and ultimately slow down to regulate its expenses.

In the long term, cardio will become less effective in losing weight, so it will especially help maintain a heart and lungs performance for better vascularization of your muscles and organs. You can also observe many runners who do not have the line of your dreams.

The solution is bodybuilding!

If bodybuilding has not always had good press, it could be that the trend is reversed. By bodybuilding, I mean all the efforts that promote muscular work. In the current trends, we can count among them, cross-fit, body-pump and bodybuilding.

Make no mistake, doing weight training does not mean doing the bladder. We can moreover use the term of muscular reinforcement. By strengthening your muscles during muscular sessions, you will increase their resistance.

This will have the effect of increasing their energy needs to survive in their enhanced form. To make it easier, by strengthening yourself, you increase your daily energy expenditure even at rest, unlike cardio.

With this logic, the expression, carving a body takes all its meaning.

To start this type of exercise, I encourage you to seek the advice of a sports professional such as a sports coach for example.

Tips Number 3: The big boost to burn more fat

I could not not talk about fat burners in this article. Fat burners are dietary supplements based on natural or non-natural elements that stimulate your metabolism to spend more energy at rest as during physical activity.

Today, some fat burners have seen other benefits such as cutting hunger for example. While some dietary supplements seem to be just snake powder, there are many serious brands like the phenq fat burner.

This type of fat burner is exclusively enriched in natural compounds that will act by increasing your daily caloric expenditure, favoring the melting of fat rather than muscle wasting and regulating your appetite to avoid cravings responsible for food compulsions.

It is good to understand that fat burners are not a solution on their own. You need to take them as valuable allies that will improve your eating habits and physical activity will boost your results.

In addition, it has been proven that the positive effects of a fat burner supplement such as phenQ or green coffee are boosted by a placebo effect. Read also the full article on green coffee.

Finally, I will simply advise you not to exclude any of these three solutions. Gather them all in an explosive cocktail in terms of results obtained on your silhouette and your well-being.

Need to know better how to eat better with the applicable, download my NutriGuide to reach your slimming goals more easily.

I hope you enjoyed this article, it was a pleasure to write this article for you. See you soon !

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