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Senin, 25 Maret 2019

Characteristics of Healthy and Unhealthy Sperm

Characteristics of Healthy and Unhealthy Sperm

Characteristics of healthy and unhealthy sperm - Many think that health and the absence of sperm are the last thing to fear. In addition, the verification of sperm health must go through a complicated and expensive laboratory test. This is not entirely true.

Sperm health is very important if you want to have a baby immediately. In addition, sperm can be an indicator of the health of our body and can detect various chronic diseases. Interestingly, you do not need to do lab tests to find out. You simply observe it with the naked eye. Before that, make sure you know the characteristics of a healthy and unhealthy sperm.

What are that the characteristics of a healthy sperm?

During ejaculation, a man secretes a thick liquid containing sperm. This fluid is usually white or grayish and slightly sticky on the skin. The characteristics of normal sperm will have the smell of chlorine as a concentrated whitening drug. This is caused by alkaline it contains.

It has been stated that the ejaculatory fluid produced by a man ranges from 2 to 5 ml. And in the liquid, all are not sperm, but only 10% of all the liquid. That's why a healthy sperm is essential for those of you who really expect to have offspring. Healthy spermatozoa penetrate more strongly into the egg wall. Thus, the percentage of success of ovulation will increase.

What are that the characteristics of a healthy sperm?

You do not have to worry because sperm is normal. The red and brown color comes from the mixture of blood with the sperm fluid. The blood comes out of the thin blood vessels found in the sperm or vesicle storage area.

Although it sounds alarming, it's actually very normal. But if it lasts for several days, there may be trauma or infection in the reproductive system. In rare cases, this can be a sign of cancer. Consult the nearest doctor immediately for further treatment.

Detect unhealthy sperm

The characteristics of unhealthy spermatozoa usually have other colors, such as yellow or green. If the sperm is colored, it is possible that you have a sexually transmitted infection. Under such conditions, the sperm fluid generally has an unpleasant aroma. The symptoms of other sexually transmitted infection in men are:

  • The appearance of pain in the penis
  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Itching in the penis area
  • The penis area swells up.

But there are times when people with sexually transmitted infections have no symptoms. Therefore, you should have sex with the same partner and always ensure the hygiene of your reproductive organs to prevent things from being undesirable.

What happens if the sperm does not come out during ejaculation?

This fact has also been experienced by some men. Although relatively rare, this condition can reduce a man's confidence, especially for those with a family. But did you know that it's actually quite normal?

The reproductive system does not excrete sperm if there are no more in the testicles. Usually this condition is due to multiple orgasms.

Another case if this condition is found in middle-aged men. Men of this age who have just undergone radiotherapy, surgery or other treatment in the prostate area may experience retrograde ejaculation or a condition in which sperm is returned to the urinary tract. I hope useful.
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