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Good foods to increase male fertility

Good foods to increase male fertility

Good foods to increase male fertility - Increasing the fertility of the reproductive system greatly influences the success of your efforts have a baby. Not only the fertility of the future mother, but also that of the future father must also be given special attention. The number and quality of good spermatozoa are recognized as one of the determining factors in the success of the ovulation process.

According to a WHO study, healthy sperm normally contains about 15 million sperm samples. If the number of sperm affects less than 10 million people, sperm can be considered unhealthy and can be a symptom of infertility. Of course, you do not want to experience that.

There are many ways to maintain the quality of sperm. Among them, one must eat healthy foods that support the production of testosterone hormone in men.

What are the right foods to increase male fertility?

1. Ginseng

Have you ever heard of Indian Ginseng? This aphrodisiac herb has long been used as a traditional ingredient to overcome sexual dysfunction in humans.

One studies showed that 46 men with oligospermia (sperm count less than 20 million) had a 167% increase after consuming ginseng extract.

Although it may increase male fertility. However, excessive consumption of ginseng can increase blood pressure. Remember not to eat too much ginseng.

2. Zinc food

Various studies have shown those men who consume low zinc foods have a lower sperm count than those who consume them. To increase zinc intake from your body, you can try eating the following foods:

  • Oysters
  • Red meat
  • Chicken meat
  • Crab
  • Lobster
  • Nuts
  • whole wheat products
  • Dairy products
  • Nutritious cereals.

3. Food with folate

You may have heard about folate in pregnant women. Folate is also good for men and sperm quality.

Low folate consumption can result in low sperm intensity, low sperm count, and even sperm lesions. Natural folate can be found at:

  • Green vegetables such as spinach and mustard greens.
  • Orange, can also be consumed in juice
  • Nuts
  • Whole wheat
  • Nutrients based on nutrients such as bread and pasta
  • Nutritious cereals.

4. Vitamin B12

Not only does vitamin B12 increase male fertility, but it also improves the movement of sperm and can repair damaged spermatozoa. That's why vitamin B12 is called the main substance that can preserve the health of spermatozoa. Vitamin B12 can be obtained from these foods:

  • Seafood, especially shellfish
  • Chicken and beef liver
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Nutritious cereals
  • Nutritional yeast.

5. Foods with vitamin C

You must have known that high vitamin C antioxidants have many benefits for the body. In addition to maintaining endurance, fighting free radicals and maintaining healthy skin, vitamin C also plays a role in increasing sperm number, movement and structure. Natural vitamin C is contained in:

  • Different types of oranges
  • |Peppers
  • Fruits: strawberries, kiwi
  • Vegetables: tomatoes, broccoli, sprouts and potatoes
  • Dairy products
  • Nutritious cereals.

Consult your doctor

It is strongly recommended consuming the above foods to increase male fertility. But if your fertility problem is still not resolved, it should be consulted beforehand. Specialists can detect the possibility of certain conditions requiring more serious treatment.

Characteristics of Healthy and Unhealthy Sperm

Characteristics of Healthy and Unhealthy Sperm

Characteristics of healthy and unhealthy sperm - Many think that health and the absence of sperm are the last thing to fear. In addition, the verification of sperm health must go through a complicated and expensive laboratory test. This is not entirely true.

Sperm health is very important if you want to have a baby immediately. In addition, sperm can be an indicator of the health of our body and can detect various chronic diseases. Interestingly, you do not need to do lab tests to find out. You simply observe it with the naked eye. Before that, make sure you know the characteristics of a healthy and unhealthy sperm.

What are that the characteristics of a healthy sperm?

During ejaculation, a man secretes a thick liquid containing sperm. This fluid is usually white or grayish and slightly sticky on the skin. The characteristics of normal sperm will have the smell of chlorine as a concentrated whitening drug. This is caused by alkaline it contains.

It has been stated that the ejaculatory fluid produced by a man ranges from 2 to 5 ml. And in the liquid, all are not sperm, but only 10% of all the liquid. That's why a healthy sperm is essential for those of you who really expect to have offspring. Healthy spermatozoa penetrate more strongly into the egg wall. Thus, the percentage of success of ovulation will increase.

What are that the characteristics of a healthy sperm?

You do not have to worry because sperm is normal. The red and brown color comes from the mixture of blood with the sperm fluid. The blood comes out of the thin blood vessels found in the sperm or vesicle storage area.

Although it sounds alarming, it's actually very normal. But if it lasts for several days, there may be trauma or infection in the reproductive system. In rare cases, this can be a sign of cancer. Consult the nearest doctor immediately for further treatment.

Detect unhealthy sperm

The characteristics of unhealthy spermatozoa usually have other colors, such as yellow or green. If the sperm is colored, it is possible that you have a sexually transmitted infection. Under such conditions, the sperm fluid generally has an unpleasant aroma. The symptoms of other sexually transmitted infection in men are:

  • The appearance of pain in the penis
  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Itching in the penis area
  • The penis area swells up.

But there are times when people with sexually transmitted infections have no symptoms. Therefore, you should have sex with the same partner and always ensure the hygiene of your reproductive organs to prevent things from being undesirable.

What happens if the sperm does not come out during ejaculation?

This fact has also been experienced by some men. Although relatively rare, this condition can reduce a man's confidence, especially for those with a family. But did you know that it's actually quite normal?

The reproductive system does not excrete sperm if there are no more in the testicles. Usually this condition is due to multiple orgasms.

Another case if this condition is found in middle-aged men. Men of this age who have just undergone radiotherapy, surgery or other treatment in the prostate area may experience retrograde ejaculation or a condition in which sperm is returned to the urinary tract. I hope useful.

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Is vasectomy safe for men?

Is vasectomy safe for men?

Is vasectomy safe for men? - Vasectomy is a type of contraception specifically designed for men. Indeed, this guy is not very popular because our society considers contraception as "the world of women". However, for those of you who include men who are reluctant to have children, it does not hurt to consider a vasectomy.

Then, what is a vasectomy? and what to think before trying this contraception? Discover the following explanation!

About the vasectomy

Apparently, vasectomy refers to a medical procedure in which the expert physician cuts the duct of the male vas deferens. As you know, the spermatozoa that were produced in the testes will then be stored in the epididymal sac. To go out, the sperm must first go through a channel of 40 cm, also called channel of the vas deferens. If this channel is cut, it is certain that the sperm will not go out.

What must be considered before trying a vasectomy

Do you want to have a vasectomy? Do not rush and consider some of these things first!

1. permanent

The first thing to consider before trying it is that this contraception is permanent. That is, after the vas deferens has been cut, it is difficult for you to return it to its original state, especially if you want to have more offspring. Indeed, there is now a medical procedure for reconnecting the vas deferens (called "vasovastotomy"). However, remember! In addition to requiring more time and money, the chances of successful vasovastotomy are not always 100%.

2. Involve surgical procedures

To cut the canal of the vas deferens, the doctor must perform a small surgery. Therefore, you should
anticipate mild pain and discomfort afterwards. In addition, it is also advisable for men who undergo a vasectomy not to engage in intense physical activity within 24 hours of the operation.

3. Does it affect libido?

Here is the most frequently asked question. Many men who are worried about vasectomy will reduce their sexual arousal. Really? Wrong. In fact, a vasectomy will not affect erectile ability, testosterone levels, libido, ejaculation or orgasm.

4. Is vasectomy effective?

Apparently, the success of vasectomy in prevention of conception is greater than 99%. Therefore, this method is recommended for men who really do not want to have offspring anymore.

5. Does not prevent PMS

One thing men and their partners need to keep in mind is that it does not necessarily require you to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as HIV and gonorrhea. Therefore, continue to avoid bad sexual habits, such as the habit of having sex with other people than your partner.

It was an explanation of a vasectomy and all things to consider before trying this contraceptive alternative. Remember! Always think carefully and discuss your decision in advance with your partner. I hope useful!

List of sports to increase male fertility

List of sports to increase male fertility

List of sports to increase male fertility - Exercise to increase male fertility, Which man does not want to have good fertility? You are certainly no one of them. Apparently, you can have fertility while playing sports. So, what exercise to increase male fertility?

List of sports to increase male fertility

Men can improve sperm quality by exercising 3 to 5 times a week. This fact was obtained from the results of research conducted on 261 healthy men aged 25 to 40 years, having an active lifestyle with minimal activity.

The results of the study showed that the group of men playing light or to light sports had the best quality of fertility compared to the group of men practicing difficult exercises. The group with moderate exercise showed a sperm volume of over 8%. The sperm motility of the group increased by 12% and their morphology by 17%.

The level of weight and lightness of the type of exercise really depends on you. You can measure it from your own level of health and fitness. However, there are several types of light exercises that almost anyone can do. What kind of light exercise can increase male fertility? You can try several sports such as:

1. Light jogging

Sports aimed at improving male fertility first with a light jog. Jogging is an effective cardio exercise to lose weight and increase male fertility. If you do not have more time to do this activity, you can do light jogging in a short time, compared to the heavy jogging that is only done from time to time.

2. Swim

This water sport is not only fun to do, but can also burn calories while producing endorphins that are responsible for the feeling of happiness, without having to apply to the elbows, knees and wrist joints.

3. Yoga

The last exercise to improve male fertility is yoga. Yoga, which is often thought of as a way to meditate, is considered to be able to reduce stress and toxins in the body. In addition, the yoga movement is supposed to burn calories and strengthen muscles.

These types of light exercises should be done regularly and continuously. Because, based on the results of the same study, the increase in male fertility will stop within a week of stopping the exercise. The quality score, even the sperm volume, will return to the initial number if the exercise is not performed consistently and continuously.

Unlike the benefits of exercise, exercise considered intense damages sperm. For example, lifting weights can result in stretching of the immune system. This means that the body needs more time to recover and that it spends more energy than storing energy to produce, good quality sperm.

Cycling over long distances can also worsen sperm quality. You must sit on a hard bike saddle and exert prolonged pressure on your testicles. This can damage the testicles and affect the quality of your semen.

Of course, the exercise to increase male fertility must also be balanced by a healthy lifestyle. For example, stopping smoking. Because the content found in cigarettes can affect the amount of sperm. You must also maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle with a good diet.

It was the type of exercise to increase male fertility. I hope useful!

Is urinary tract infection dangerous for male fertility?

Is urinary tract infection dangerous for male fertility?

Is urinary tract infection dangerous for male fertility? - Male fertility can be influenced by a variety of factors, including smoking, rarely exercise, nutrient intake or the type of underwear worn daily. But in addition to these basics, urinary tract infections can also result in low fertility rates in men. Do you want to know the full explanation? Read the explanation below.

What is a urinary tract infection?

Urinary tract infection is a disease where the bacterium Escherichia coli (E. coli), Klebsiella, Pseudomonas or Staphylococcus enters the urethra through the urethra and infects organs of the urinary system. Sufferers will usually have the following symptoms:

  • Pain and burns in the urinary tract area
  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Mix the blood with the urine
  • More frequent urination
  • Fever and fever
  • You want to urinate suddenly.

Urinary tract infections are found in many women. But that does not mean that men are not likely to live it.

How does a urinary tract infection affect male fertility?

Apparently, men over 50 are at higher risk of being infected by the canal than younger people. This is due to enlargement of the prostate in adult humans, which can inhibit the urinary tract and inhibit the flow of urine filled with bacteria. If the body does not immediately release the bacteria, it can infect the urinary tract of the man.

If left unchecked, bacteria can infect other urinary organs, such as the kidneys, bladder, urethra and ureter. And when the bacteria reach the prostate, it damages the sperm. This can affect the amount and motility of sperm, resulting in a decrease in male fertility. In some cases, sufficiently widespread bacteria can even infect the testes, epidermis and other male reproductive organs. So, do not underestimate this disease.

Healing male urinary tract infections, is it difficult?

In fact, treating urinary tract infections in men is quite easy. Your doctor will usually prescribe antibiotics for 3 to 5 days. Try to drink it until it is finished and regularly. Antibiotics can fight bacteria that infect the urinary tract. Thus, male fertility can be fully restored.

But if you stop taking antibiotics during treatment, the bacteria will be a defense against antibiotics. If this is the case, the disease will actually be harder to heal.

In some cases, you may think that the condition does not improve after taking antibiotics for 3 days. We recommend that you consult this condition immediately with your doctor. Because there may be an infection that you are experiencing is more complex and requires more serious treatment.

Prevent urinary tract infections

Prevention is better than cure. Measures to be taken to prevent urinary tract infections.

  • Do not hold urine
  • Keep the pubic moist and clean
  • Sufficient water consumption. Minimum of 8 glasses a day
  • Clean the genitals from front to back after urinating or defecating.

I hope useful!